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Get to know us and the Hurst Brewery story

Meet the team

Duncan Lane

Owner & Head Brewer

In another life, Duncan spent years travelling the globe delivering corporate road shows and events in the US, Asia and Europe. Finally, after some time in New Zealand, 2013 bought him back to Hurstpierpoint; the place of his childhood and where he wanted to raise his young family.

Duncan has always had a keen interest in beer and was an avid fan of an extremely popular local bitter (you know the one). From experimenting in home brew at a young age, to building a small kit in the garage, he was keen to find out how to be more involved in the local beer scene. At the start of 2016, he offered his services to the local brewery – Hurstpierpoint Brewing Co Ltd, and honed his skills in the craft of brewing under the then lead brewer Jack (Hand Brew Co). before becoming the owner in late 2017. The rest they say is history.

Consistently delivering traditional British cask ales to Sussex’ thirsty drinkers is at the heart of what we stand for, honouring the old ways whilst looking forward to the new.

Fleur Lane

Operations Director

Fleur embarked on her great kiwi ‘OE’ (overseas experience) back in 2000, leading to much travel when time allowed and working in the great city of London.  After meeting Duncan in 2003, Fleur headed to Brighton for life on the coast, reminiscent of the great kiwi summer; beach, beer and ice creams in abundance, but with the added delight of pebbles.

Brewster now for 3 years, Fleur has joined Hurst Brewery as Operations Manager alongside husband Duncan. An epic taste for kiwi hops and all things sauvignon, and a keen eye for quality craft has led Fleur to be more interested in the UK beer scene and a proud supporter of all things locally produced.  Residing in the village of Hurstpierpoint, surrounded by all that the beautiful south downs has to offer, always happy to enjoy a quiet pint with friends at the end of the day.

The Hurst Brewery Story

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The original Hurst Brewery was established, operating out of Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint. The brewery tap was the Sussex Arms, which was situated adjacent to the brewery, on the corner of Manor Road.

[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”1862 – 1884″ circle_color=”#ffffff” animation=”off” _builder_version=”4.5.2″ _module_preset=”default” text_text_align=”left”]

Hurst Brewery was run by George Thomas Saltmarsh. He chose its Cuckfield Road site because it was considered to be the site of the best springwater in the area.

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Hurst Brewery was run by George Thomas Saltmarsh. He chose its Cuckfield Road site because it was considered to be the site of the best springwater in the area.

[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”1884 – 1887″ circle_color=”#ffffff” _builder_version=”4.5.2″ _module_preset=”default”]

The brewery was bought by Philip Smith, also landlord of the New Inn.

[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”1887 – 1912″ circle_color=”#ffffff” _builder_version=”4.5.2″ _module_preset=”default” text_text_align=”right” headings_text_align=”right”]

The brewery was bought and operated by John Edwin Couchman, ‘brewer, maltster, retail spirit merchant and mineral water manufacturer’. At this time, beer and mineral water was delivered as far afield as Partridge Green and the barrels were manufactured on the brewery premises.

[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”1912″ circle_color=”#ffffff” _builder_version=”4.5.2″ _module_preset=”default”]

Hurst Brewery was taken over by the Brighton brewery, Smithers and Sons of North Street, Brighton. Smithers and Sons was later taken over by Tamplins.

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The brewery building became a cheese factory before ownership passed to sports manufacturer Slazenger.

[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”1951″ circle_color=”#ffffff” _builder_version=”4.5.2″ _module_preset=”default”]

Maxim Lamps began manufacturing lightbulbs in the old brewery and malt house after moving from its London factory. Production continued here until the late 1970’s.

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The former brewery buildings were converted into residential properties.

[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”2012″ circle_color=”#ffffff” _builder_version=”4.5.2″ _module_preset=”default”]

The Hurst Brewery name was revived by the Hurstpierpoint Brewing Co. Ltd., 150 years after the original brewery opened. Hurst Brewery was now a four‑barrel operation at its new location of Western Road, Hurstpierpoint.

[/et_pb_vertical_timeline_item][et_pb_vertical_timeline_item title=”2017″ circle_color=”#ffffff” _builder_version=”4.5.2″ _module_preset=”default” text_text_align=”right” headings_text_align=”right”]

Hurst Brewery moved into its next chapter under new Head Brewer and owner Duncan Lane.