• 1862   The original Hurst Brewery was established, operating out of Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint. The brewery tap was the Sussex Arms, which was situated adjacent to the brewery, on the corner of Manor Road.
  • 1862-1884   Hurst Brewery was run by George Thomas Saltmarsh. He chose its Cuckfield Road site because it was considered to be the site of the best springwater in the area.
  • 1884-7   The brewery was bought by Philip Smith, also landlord of the New Inn.
  • 1887-1912   The brewery was bought and operated by John Edwin Couchman, 'brewer, maltster, retail spirit merchant and mineral water manufacturer'. At this time, beer and mineral water was delivered as far afield as Partridge Green and the barrels were manufactured on the brewery premises.
  • 1912   Hurst Brewery was taken over by the Brighton brewery, Smithers and Sons of North Street, Brighton. Smithers and Sons was later taken over by Tamplins.
  • 1920s   The brewery building became a cheese factory before ownership passed to sports manufacturer Slazenger.
  • 1951   Maxim Lamps began manufacturing in the old brewery and malt house.
  • 2004   The former brewery buildings were converted into residential properties.
  • 2012   The Hurst Brewery name was revived by the Hurstpierpoint Brewing Co. Ltd., 150 years after the original brewery opened. Hurst Brewery is now a four‑barrel operation in the new location of Western Road, Hurstpierpoint.

The Old: The original brewery building on Cuckfield Road (above) and the staff who ran it (below).

The New: Director and Co-Founder of the new Hurst Brewery, John Troake, overseeing the sparge (above), and former Head Brewer, Ali Somers, casking up a batch (below).